This is the official website of the Honorary Consulate of Finland in Honduras, we hope it can serve as reference guide to all your questions.

For formalities like visas and passports please visit the Embassy of Finland in Mexico DF

For information about asylum and citizenship in Finland visit this address: www.migri.fi

Important: If you are Honduran and travels to Finland for a period of three months or less you will not need a visa, just enough to have a valid passport.


Luis Kafie is officially appointed to the position of “Honorary Consul” on September 1, 1986. Luis kafie is a Honduran businessman dedicated to the field of energy, it is part of a diversified group of family businesses involved in difirentes economic sectors, including: Textile, Food and Beverage; Product Distribution; Goods and roots; Coffee export; Agroindustry; Dairy products and juices; Representations and electricity.


If you have questions or queries you can contact us through this contact form. If you are or know someone in Finnish nationality who currently resides in Honduras please notify us, we’d love to have your information in our database for purposes of registration and control.